just saw this as I was making changes and thought it appropriate

The door will always be open, no questions asked 24/7, the phone will always be answered. You’re a big girl now and can make your own decisions. I taught you, decisions have consequences, you must decide the consequences you are willing to accept.

After a year of reflection, I’m really glad she could go stay with her “biological father” this past year. I am also glad that he is that I am “Dad” “Hey, Dad” or “he’s my Dad”, I guess I failed as a father, but I know by the smiles on her face…I was a damn good Dad.

You would run and jump in and air for no reason…”CATCH ME” you would yell, and I always would. I always will be here to catch you, no matter the circumstance or situation.


Wanted to put a note here in case you were looking for something, your mother left things behind that were yours because I gave them to you. She also made sure to not give you the multiple pictures of the two of us you had in your room. You also have a guitar still here, your mother also conveniently left them here, I am the one that wanted you to have them all. Katie said you did not want any of that stuff, but I find it hard to believe when you didn’t even know you were leaving until your mother rushed you out the door. Your pictures are still on my walls…