I think every day about the two of you being yourselves, currently you’re not, you’re conformists. Sad, really thought the two of you were stronger than that. Funny the one left alone is the only one that is still true to themselves with nothing to prove to anyone. That’s how it works when you are around people that love you, they don’t care, they love you unconditionally. That is the thing I loved most about this house, no matter, dress how you want, say what you want, ideas and beliefs are your own, be who you are, WE flew the rainbow because that is what we all believed in… that’s unconditional love.

Please make sure to get your COVID vaccine shots (both) the “D” variant is going to be bad in a month or so and I still love and care about everyone that reads these pages

Door will always be open, no questions for 24hrs, 48hrs or forever, you decide. Sorry will NEVER fix it, learning, loving and not repeating it mends it & this needs a lot of love to mend. Heart Sheep

I love you turd, no matter what, no matter what anyone says or tells you. I miss you every minute of every day & still wait for someone to tell me what happend? and why?