Shaelyn would be so happy, she found this cocoon last year in our shrubs, I kept in the fridge & brought it out in late March to hatch… she now has has baby praying mantis… they hatched today 11June21

My little girl playing with her bugs. She loved bugs, dirt & the garden…hippy child.

Today was a tough day but I did find out I have friends that believe in me & believe in what I stand for. I love my kid, I love what she is & what she wants to be no matter what & no one & nothing will change that. You can take her away from me but you can never take her from inside of me or me from inside of her no matter how hard you try. I’ve spent most of the afternoon in tears but it’s making me stronger by their words & actions, people can be so kind even to virtual strangers that are just “part of the community”. Much love to my new friends… no scratch that… my new family, see you all next year or sooner. Love, Vince

carved in stone & the kid always first & me always last